362628A1 Steel Clutch Plate – Fuji Replacement

Centranz Part #: CPM28A1
Alternate Part #: N/A
Application: Steel Clutch Plate for Fuji Transmission
Conditions Available: New

CPM28A1 Replacement for 362628A1 Fuji Steel Clutch Plate

  • Compatible with Case IH Tractor(s) Steiger 280 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 330 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 335, Steiger 370 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 380 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 385, Steiger 420 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 430 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 435, Steiger 450 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 470 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 480 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 485, Steiger 500 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 530 (s/n Z6F105001-later), Steiger 535, Steiger 540 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 550 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 580 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 600 (QUADTRAC), Steiger 620 (QUADTRAC), STX275, STX280 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX325, STX325 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX330 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX375, STX380 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX425 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX430 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX440, STX450 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX480 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001), STX500 (s/n JEE0099501-later), STX530 (s/n Z6F100023-Z6F105001)
  • Replaces Case IH OEM nos 362628A1
  • Compatible with New Holland Tractor(s) T9010, T9020, T9030 (s/n Z6F200013-later), T9040 (s/n Z6F200013-later), T9050 (s/n Z6F200013-later), T9060 (s/n Z6F200013-later), T9.390, T9.435, T9.450, T9.480, T9.505, T9.530, T9.560, T9.565, T9.600, T9.615, T9.645, T9.670, T9.700, TJ275 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ280 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ325 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ330 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ375 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ380 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ425 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ430 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ450 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ480 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ500 (s/n Z6F200013-later), TJ530 (s/n Z6F200013-later)

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