Our experienced service technicians have the capability of rebuilding your telehandler's axle assembly hub to hub or providing repairs as needed. We can also supply the necessary parts if you prefer to repair the axle assembly yourself.

Centranz is a full-service axle company, specializing in front and rear service for ZF, Rockwell, Spicer (Dana) & John Deere. We rebuild, repair, remanufacture and modify axle assemblies for telehandlers, including John Deere, SkyTrak, JLG, Lull, Genie and SkyJack.

Complete Front & Rear Axle Assembly Service for Telehandlers

John Deere

Models: 3200; 3215; 3220; 3400; 3420; 3800 and others.


Models: 3606; 4030; 5028; 6034; 6036; 6042; 7038; 8042; 9038; 10042; 10054 and others.


Models: 1044C-54 II; 4017RS; 6042; ATLAS II; G5-18A; G5-19A; G6-42A; G6-42P; G9-43A; G10-55A; G12-55A; TF6-42 and others.


Models: 644; 644B-37; 644B-42; 644E; 644E-42; 644TT-34; 844; 844B; 844C-42; 844TT-34; 844TT-42; 944E-42; 1044; 1044-54; 1044B; 1044C-54 and others.


Models: GTH625AGRI; GTH636; GTH644; GTH842; GTH844; GTH1056; GTH2506; GTH5519 and others.


Models: SJ643TH; VR1056D and others.


Centranz specializes in hub to hub axle service for Volvo heavy equipment.


Centranz offers axle assembly service for a wide range of agricultural equipment.

Founded in 1970, Centranz is a global leader in the heavy equipment industry, providing drivetrain parts and service for Volvo, ZF, Allison, Funk and Fuji. Centranz is conveniently located in the central United States near Kansas City. We ship parts and transmissions all over the world and are happy to offer troubleshooting advice from qualified technicians.