For more than 50 years, Centranz has maintained a reputation for excellence in remanufacturing Funk transmissions for equipment used in agriculture, construction, forestry, mining, aircraft ground support, railroad maintenance and other industries. Our unique process, complemented by a full-service machine shop, ensures maximum durability in the field.

We feature a large inventory of cores and fully remanufactured units that are ready to ship.

100% Complete Disassembly

No short cuts. Every transmission we remanufacture or repair is completely disassembled and cleaned to properly identify the root cause of a failure and potential future failures.

Full Service Machine Shop

We have a full-service machine shop where we manufacture replacement parts and reclaim housings and costly hard parts as needed. Our machining capabilities also allow us to implement critical solutions to OEM design flaws.

Dyno Tested to OEM Specs

Every Funk powershift transmission is rigorously tested to comply with factory specifications using TestBox, our proprietary diagnostic tool. Even our competition swears by it.

Unrivaled Peace of Mind

The quality of our work is backed by the industry's best warranty. We also are happy to provide troubleshooting advice free of charge.

Funk Powershift Transmissions

Transmission ModelAssembly & Part Numbers
Funk 1000 Series1013E131B, 1023E11BB, 1024M130B, 1024E13, 1024M11, 1023M13, 1014E110, 1026R000A, 1013E110A, 1024E11, 1026R, 1026R, 1024M13, 1014E13, 1024E130, 1013E13, 1024E130B, 1013E130B, 1013110B, 1023M130B, 1023E110B, 1000, 1013, 1023, 1024, 1026, 10037, 12133, 13651, 4510, 4881, 5069, 5086, 5685, 5893, 6027, 6149, 6189, 6385, 6939, 7501, 7650, 7934, 8097, 8426, 8939, 9444, 9561, YZ14278, YZ15239, YZ16244, YZ16368, YZ16637, 8830, 11439, 7144, 7411, YZ16311, YZ14143, 8562, 8098, 7209, 6911, 6113, 8254, 10245, YZ19309, YZ18424, YZ16892, YZ14889, YZ14547, YZ14358, 8147, 5714, 12538, 11005, YZ16176, 5405, 12604
Funk 2000 Series2133E110B, 2133E1300B, 2133E130B, 2133H00OB, 2133M130B, 2143E130B, 2143E14, 2152E130B, 2163E110B, 2163E130B, 2163E14, 2163E140B, 2163H000B, 2222R000B, 2233E110B, 2233E13DB, 2233E14, 2233H00DB, 2233R000B, 2243E13NB, 2243E14NB, 2243H000B, 2244H000B, 2252M110B, 2263E1, 2263E13, 2263E1301B, 2263E130B, 2263E13B, 2263E13DB, 2263E13NB, 2263E140B, 2263E14DB, 2263E14NB, 2263H000B, 2263H00DB, 2263H00NB, 2263M13DB, 2263M14DB, 2263R000B, 2263R00DB, 2333E13DB, 2333E140B, 2363E13BC, 2363E2130B, 2000, 2133, 2143, 2152, 2163, 2222, 2233, 2243, 2244, 2252, 2263, 2333, 2363, 10133, 10294, 10610, 10852, 11061, 11135, 11297, 11581, 11959, 12078, 12607, 12647, 12908, 13456, 13474, 13545, 13623, YZ10133, YZ10294, YZ10610, YZ10852, YZ11061, YZ11135, YZ11297, YZ11581, YZ11959, YZ12078, YZ12607, YZ12647, YZ12908, YZ13456, YZ13474, YZ13545, YZ13623, YZ15805, YZ13878, YZ13885, YZ13978, YZ14169, YZ14215, YZ14277, YZ14334, YZ14347, YZ14360, YZ14481, YZ14483, YZ14494, YZ14606, YZ14625, YZ14637, YZ14686, YZ14837, YZ14913, YZ14961, YZ14994, YZ15105, YZ15175, YZ15176, YZ15328, YZ15341, YZ15513, YZ15934, YZ15948, YZ16395, YZ16568, YZ16581, YZ16586, YZ16732, YZ16756, YZ16791, YZ16792, YZ17090, YZ17129, YZ17152, YZ17204, YZ17586, YZ17606, YZ17857, YZ17903, YZ18781, YZ18784, YZ18795, YZ18870, YZ18900, YZ18930, YZ18943, YZ19058, YZ19227, YZ19296, YZ19318, YZ19357, YZ19393, YZ19415, YZ19464, YZ19482, YZ19720, YZ19734, YZ19244, YZ19307, YZ19341, YZ19599, YZ19716, YZ19764, YZ19925, YZ20347, YZ20490, YZ20100, YZ13891, YZ14907, YZ14926, YZ14969, YZ15078, YZ15394, YZ16404, YZ17052, YZ17118, YZ17953, YZ18164, YZ19023, YZ13928, YZ14502, YZ19078
Funk 4000 Series4013E4PFA, 4023M3PFA, 4023E4PFA, 4013E3PEA, 4023EFPA, 4012E4PFA, 4013E4P, 4013E3PFA, 4013E3PBA, 4023E3PEA, 4033E3PEA, 4000, 4013, 4023, 4033, 11572, 12737, 9238, 9815, YZ15924, YZ16326, 12767, YZ16818, YZ16362, YZ15035, YZ14880, YZ14768, YZ14698, 9286, 8808, 8056, 7977, 7417, 6862, 6497, 12176, 11212, 10753, 10458, 10306, 10185, YZ16175, 9987, 7297, 12941, 12218, 11723, 10530, 10291
DF150DF150, DF15044, DF15084, DF1544, DF1584, DF1544E50DA, DF15044R000A, DF1544R00WA, DF15044R20WA, DF15084E2DWA, DF15044R0DWA, DF1584E2DOA, DF1584M400A, DF1544E10DA, DF1544E100A, DF1544R20WA, DF1584E2DWA, DF1584E00DA, DF15044R00WA, DF1544E2DWA, DF1544E200A, DF15044EZDWA, DF15044M300A, DF15044E2DWA, DF1544R0DWA, DF15084E20WA, DF15044E20DA, DF15084E40WA, DFYZ15925, YZ16220, YZ20070, YZ20102, YZ20402, YZ16250, YZ19715, YZ19793, YZ20539, YZ19339, YZ19976, YZ20021, YZ19150, YZ20028, YZ20036, YZ14892, YZ14964, YZ15736, YZ15877, YZ15926, YZ16231, YZ16232, YZ16233, YZ16254, YZ16256, YZ16269, YZ16673, YZ16820, YZ16939, YZ17233, YZ17260, YZ17601, YZ18354, YZ18487, YZ18642, YZ18684, YZ18717, YZ19156, YZ19167, YZ19189, YZ19484, YZ19525, YZ19543, YZ19797, YZ19974, YZ20073, YZ20132
DF250DF250, DF25013E000A, DF25013MODOA, DF25044R40DA, DF25084R, DF2514, DF2584E00DA, DF2584E400A, DF25084E4OW, DF25084R40WA, DF25044E1400A, DF25044M40WA, DF25113R0NO, DF250044M400A, DF25044E4OWA, DF25044E40WA, DF2584E4DDA, DF2584E000A, DF2513E000A, DF25044E400A, DF25114E000A, DF25084R2DWA, DF25084E40DA, DF25084E400A, DF2544R40DA, DF250114E000A, DF250113E0D0A, DF25113M0D0A, DF25113E000A, DF2544M400A, DF25084E40W, DF25084E00WA, DF25113E00WA, DF25084E40WA, DF25084R000A, DF25044E4DWA, DF25113M0DDA, DF25044M400A, DF25113M000A, DF250044, DF250113, DF250114, DF25044, DF25084, DF25113, DF25114, DF2544, DF2584, DF2513, DF2514 YZ19171, YZ16210, YZ15778, YZ17731, YZ18546, YZ16234, YZ17138, YZ15172, YZ16821, YZ17561, YZ16980, YZ17051, YZ19770, YZ19773, YZ19893, YZ19902, YZ19903, YZ19917, YZ19999, YZ20027, YZ20044, YZ20072, YZ20098, YZ20103, YZ20111, YZ20115, YZ20121, YZ20122, YZ20130, YZ20143, YZ20188, YZ20189, YZ20401, YZ20555, YZ20565, YZ16185, YZ16230, YZ16240, YZ16580, YZ17251, YZ17265, YZ17963, YZ18502, YZ18535, YZ18545, YZ18629, YZ18939, YZ18945, YZ19101, YZ19104, YZ19140, YZ19152, YZ19168, YZ19174, YZ19178, YZ19258, YZ19292, YZ19338, YZ19345, YZ19385, YZ19435, YZ19436, YZ19524, YZ19572, YZ19575, YZ19589, YZ19596, YZ19600, YZ19618

*NOTE: OEM part numbers are for reference purposes only. These parts are not OEM parts or advertised as such.