Premier Warranty

A premier 24-month, unlimited-hour warranty is offered on all domestic remanufactured PT series Volvo articulated truck transmissions and Volvo articulated truck drop boxes and differentials. This warranty also applies to remanufactured Volvo wheel loader transmissions. The following ZF transmissions include a premier 18-month, 3,000-hour warranty: 4WG130; 4WG160; 4WG190 and 4WG210.

Standard Warranty

A 12-month, 2,000 hour warranty is standard on all other remanufactured transmissions.

Our warranty offers our customers an unrivaled peace of mind. We:

  • Trust the usage hours stated by the end user.
  • Have a no-argument policy.
  • Are generous on close calls for time periods.
  • Provide a removal and replacement allotment.
  • Pay the freight in and out.
  • Repair or replace the warranted unit.
  • Prioritize warranties over all business.

We call back and follow through after installation to ensure customer satisfaction. Continued technical help is available. We also send technicians to the site for unusual problems.

We take pride in the fact that our warranty sets us apart from others in the industry.

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