22688 Remanufactured Transmission – Volvo

Alternate Part #: N/A
Application: Transmission for A30D, A25E, A30E

22688 PT1563 Volvo Articulated Hauler Transmission for A30D, A25E & A30E

Every 22688 Volvo PT transmission includes the industry’s best warranty. Centranz has a world-class reputation for quality, turnaround and customer service.

Volvo Part Number Volvo Transmission Model Number Volvo Machine Model Number
22688 PT1563 A30D, A25E & A30E

In every Centranz remanufactured Volvo PT Series Transmission, we replace or rebuild for maximum durability as follows:

  • All Frictions and Steels are replaced throughout the entire transmission
  • New complete Seal and Gasket Kit installed
  • All Ball Bearings are replaced
  • All Clutch Packs have Quick-Connect Volvo style fittings installed into the pressure ports to test that all clutch packs are within factory specifications during the Dynamometer (Dyno) Test
  • New internal Suction Screen Filter installed
  • All PWM Solenoids, Pressure Monitors and Fluid Level Sensors are replaced with genuine OEM
  • New external Filter installed
  • All 8 of the Wear Bushings are replaced
  • All 4 Thrust Washers are replaced in the Range Section
  • New higher volume Charging Pump is installed in every reman
  • All Speed Sensors are replaced with new OEM
  • All Springs for the Control Valve (Valve Body) are replaced per OEM instructions
  • Planetary Thrust Washers replaced as needed
  • Rebuilt Torque Converter is standard on all remans
  • All Transmissions are Dyno Tested and undergo a 5-Step Evaluation
    • 1) Check Pressures.
    • 2) Check to ensure No Leaks.
    • 3) Check to ensure No Excessive Noise.
    • 4) Function of Solenoid Valves are Evaluated.
    • 5) Function of all Sensors are Tested using the TEM-CO TestBox.

NOTE: OEM part numbers are for reference purposes only. These parts are not OEM parts or advertised as such.

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