Centranz sells seal and gasket kits, bearing kits and plate kits for all Volvo articulated dump truck and wheel loader transmissions as well as drop boxes and differentials. Centranz also assembles kits for most popular off-highway ZF transmissions.
Neither Volvo nor ZF officially offers bearing or plate kits for their off-highway transmissions.


“You basically have to line item each part you need,” said Ken Schott, Centranz’s general manager. “Instead of making an inquiry that’s 30 items long, we can provide you with a kit that’s specific to your model number, saving you time and money.”

On the other hand, Volvo and ZF do offer seal and gasket kits for select transmissions – but with a lot of unnecessary components.

“You could rebuild a transmission twice over with all the extra parts they put in there,” Schott said. Each seal and gasket kit sold by Centranz includes all essential seals, o-rings and gaskets. “When you’re done rebuilding a transmission with one of our seal and gasket kits, there’s nothing left – just an empty box.”

22505BKCentranz’s cost savings range from 50 to 75 percent off OEM list price.

“Instead of paying OEM prices, we can make one for a fraction of that cost with parts customized for your model,” said Mike Cullen, shop supervisor.

The kits aren’t put together arbitrarily, either.

“We use the kits in house, so we know they work,” Cullen said. “We use them with every transmission we rebuild.”

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