Centranz features a large inventory of OEM-quality heat exchangers (oil coolers) for Volvo PT series transmissions and Volvo wheel loader transmissions.

These units aren’t simply flushed or refurbished – they are brand new and available for a fraction of the cost from the factory. Call us today to place your order!

Volvo PT Series Heat Exchanger Requirements

Truck Model Transmission Models Quantity Required
Straight or “C” PT1661, PT1662, PT1663, PT1760, PT1761 1 of Part Number CPM3553 (Tubular)
1 of Part Number CPM3628 (Brazed Plate)
“D” PT1860, PT1862, PT1863, PT1560, PT1562, PT1563 2 of Part Number CPM3628 (Brazed Plate)
“E” and “F” PT2509, PT2519 1 of Part Number CPM3628 (Brazed Plate)
“E” and “F” PT1506, PT2116 2 of Part Number CPM3628 (Brazed Plate)

Volvo Loader Heat Exchanger Requirements

Loader Model Quantity Required
L150E, L150F, L180E, L180F, L220E, L220F 1 of Part Number CPM0220 (Brazed Plate)
L90E, L110E, L110F, L120E, L120F, L150C, L150D, L180C, L180D, L220D 1 of Part Number CPM0049 (Brazed Plate)